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psychic and intuitive tarot readings in-person or via video

I'm bek bee and I am Crimson Moon. Welcome to my site.

I am a professional psychic and intuitive Tarot reader.


I'm blessed with the gift of clairsentience - a psychic 'knowing', receiving thoughts, memories etc. that are not mine, but those of whom I'm reading. I am an empath (can take on other’s emotions and feelings), and an experienced reader of Tarot.

I've also spent fifteen years in the field of mental health recovery as a writer, speaker and educator.

My rich and varied skillset enables me to provide my clients a unique reading experience.  

I offer reads in-person located in Mordialloc, Melbourne, Victoria. Also, I provide one-on-one video sessions, to any location, via Zoom video.

For both in-person and video reads bookings are essential.

​Click on the envelope to the left if you'd like to enquire about anything further, or to arrange a session.


Again, welcome, and hope to hear from you soon!

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