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I Killed My Mother

Las Vegas Metro police said Hend Bustami, 28, killed her mother, Afaf Hussanen, 61, in a south valley neighborhood in the 10000 block of June Flower Drive near Jones Boulevard and Cactus Avenue. Bustami and Hussanen lived in the home together, police said.

I Killed My Mother

California Highway Patrol troopers later located Bustami driving near Barstow, police said. While speaking to officers, Bustami, who police said was covered in blood, allegedly said she had killed her mother.

Focusing on Hubert Minel (Xavier Dolan), a 16-year-old Quebecois living in suburban Montreal with his single mother Chantale (Anne Dorval), I KILLED MY MOTHER quickly became an international sensation after its 2009 debut. From slammed doors to embraces, Dolan and Dorval masterfully capture the raw, love-hate intensity of filial relationships that eats away at mother and son.

Police stayed at the residence on June Flower. Police obtained a telephonic search warrant and conducted an investigation. They discovered that a mother and a daughter lived in the residence and the daughter was identified as Hend Bustami.

Police went to a neighbor's house to further their investigation. The neighbor of the mother and daughter's house said they heard a loud noise early morning. Also, the neighbor's Ring camera caught someone leaving the driveway in a vehicle. The vehicle was identified as a 2-door Honda Accord with a California license plate. Police discovered that this vehicle was connected to Bustami.

When an officer spoke to Bustami, she was speaking in "excited utterance" stating that she killed her mother. Apparent blood was on her clothing according to the report and cuts were on her observed on her hands.

When detectives interviewed Bustami, detectives said she admitted being involved in an argument with her mother, which led to a fight. Bustami allegedly hit her mother over the head with a table glass and broke it.

Inside the brick home on Coventry Court, deputies discovered two women's bodies in the afternoon: The murder suspect's mother, Dr. Kathy Edwards, 57, and his pregnant wife, Venus Quanteh, 31.

I was told that I struck her with the knife, with violent force, 13 times. The hit to her throat is what killed her. They said I fled on foot, hid for a brief period, then turned myself in with the help of my sisters.

Story : Teenager Hubert haughtily regards his mother with contempt, and only sees her tacky sweaters and kitsch decorations. In addition to these irritating surface details, there is also his parent's cherished mechanisms of manipulation and guilt. Confused by this love/hate relationship that obsesses him more and more each day, Hubert drifts through the mysteries of adolescence - artistic discoveries, illicit experiences, the opening-up to friendship, and ostracism. The turbulent relationship between mother and son unfolds with a compelling combination of savage fury and melting affection. The stunning, semi-autobiographical directing debut of 20-year-old actor Xavier Dolan. Written by Warsaw Film Festival

My mother and I waited at home for a long time. Neither of us saw my father come home. We stood anxiously in front of the window and looked out. Soon, we saw my father standing across the street, carrying a big bag of food. Looking at his somewhat curved back, my heart was filled with pain, and my eyes became blurry from tears. My father had become old indeed.

Upon learning that my mother had been persecuted to death by the CCP, I burst into tears. This was the first time I burst into tears since I first went into hiding in 2002. During the days when I was on the run and hiding in various places, I grew accustomed to burying the pain in my heart. Even during the period when I was detained in the United States, I just quietly shed tears no matter how distressed or sad I was. However, when I heard the news that my parents had been arrested by the CCP and that my mother had been persecuted to death, I could no longer restrain my inner sadness, and I wept disconsolately.

Las Vegas, Israel, Seattle, and Germany all come to life in this crazy and touching story. Even at the dramatic climax, when Dor is forced to kill his mother, humor is the main force helping him to overcome the pain.

Omorogbe Edoghogho Happy who killed his mother-in-law, a lady and an eight-month-old baby in Iguadolor community, Ovia North East local government area of Edo State has confessed to the police that he killed them because he could no longer bear the insult meted on him.

Narrating the ordeal to DAILY POST, the 44-year-old Edoghogho said his mother-in-law, now late, was always attacking him with thugs at different occasions, inflicting various degrees of injuries on him owing to the fact that he was always having issues with his wife. 041b061a72


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