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Lolly Model Sets 235

Unfortunately, Toshiba stopped producing the model when it switched to a Western-style keyboard in the mid-1950s that instead had 48 Japanese Kana characters, making devices like this one exceedingly rare. (via Twisted Sifter)

lolly model sets 235

Donovan and Leavitt present one promising model for the experimental evaluation of the effects of infant crying on caregiver behavior (e.g., Donovan, 1981; Donovan & Leavitt, 1985, 1989; Donovan, Leavitt, & Walsh, 1990). These authors overcame difficulties associated with manipulating the cry of a live infant by presenting recorded cries in an experimental simulation of caregiving. In this series of studies, mothers of young infants were exposed to conditions designed to evaluate the effects of an inescapable infant cry on acquisition of a subsequent caregiving task. For example, in a study by Donovan (1981), mothers were initially exposed to one of three pretreatment conditions during which 35 unsignaled trials of an 80-dB cry were presented. Two pretreatment (escapable and inescapable) groups were presented with a button-pressing task and were told that performance of the task would terminate the cry. For the escapable group, the cry was presented for 10 s, but was terminated contingent on completion of the button-pressing task. For the inescapable group, button pressing had no effect on the presentation of the cry; the duration of cries was yoked to those presented in the escapable group. Participants in a control group also experienced cries yoked to those presented in the escapable condition, but these participants were not presented with the button-pressing task and were told to listen passively to the cry. After pretreatment, all mothers participated in test trials during which performance of a shuttle-box task terminated crying. Mothers who experienced the inescapable pretreatment condition had the most difficulty acquiring the shuttle-box task (i.e., learned helplessness; Seligman, 1972). When considered in light of studies that identify a correlation between persistent crying and decreased maternal responsiveness, results of Donavan (1981) suggest that persistent crying may result in suboptimal (and possibly neglectful) interaction patterns between infants and their caregivers.

This course builds a foundation for advanced 3D environmental modeling, photorealistic rendering, stylistic shading, and effects processes. Students will build upon fundamental techniques to create professional quality imagery and motion with industry standard software such as Cinema 4D and Element 3D. Working is a typical design studio pipeline, students will work with NURBS modeling and mesh editing for hard surface and organic objects; texture mapping, special effects including effectors, dynamics, and multiple emitters; optimization techniques; and a variety of compositing methods to create both artistic works and commercial products. Pre-requisite: GDM 215 OR EGR 121

With the ubiquity of mobile devices, and the coming mainstream adoption of wearables headsets, there will soon exist access for nearly everyone to view and interact with a digital layer of AI structured data overlayed onto the physical spaces and in completely immersive digital environments. It is in light of this coming need that this hands-on, project-driven curriculum centers on teaching students to build more traditional (3D, VFX) and emerging media (AR, VR, AI) deployments centered in well-researched intellectual concepts intended thoughtfully consider commercial value, artistic merit, and philosophical integrity.

This course focuses on advanced 3D concept design, compositing, product design, environmental modeling, photorealistic rendering, stylistic shading, and effects processes. Students will learn advanced techniques for 3D compositing into live action videography that includes a variety of methodologies to create both artistic works and commercial products with industry standard software such as Cinema 4D, After Effects, and Premiere. Prerequisite: GDM 351


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