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Naruto Shippuden: Kizuna Drive - The Ultimate PSP Action Game in 37 Mb

naruto has to defeat the monster and tame it in order to stop the game-changing disaster. meanwhile, kakashi has to go to the kingdom of the yondaime and become his successor. he sends his son to do that, while he goes to meet asuma in the village of his clan to negotiate a truce. asuma gives him a set of seals for the yondaime. the tsunade and yamato then call them up to learn that the village has been invaded by enemies who are killing all the beasts and kidnapping the kids. but the asuma clan, the hirasaka clan and the konohamaru clan are holding out. when they are captured by the konohamaru clan, they are forced to send three of their kids to the asuma clan. when the konohamaru clan is attacked, the yondaime sacrifices his life to save his kids. this causes konohamaru to have to go with them to the asuma clan. along the way, the kid is confronted by his own grandfather. he tells him that the whole thing is his fault, and that he will do something to pay for his sins. konohamaru then confronts naruto and tells him that he has to get the yondaime to become the new asura. the kid then runs off with his grandfather to be healed. meanwhile, the konohamaru clan is attacked by the asuma and hirasaka clans. konohamaru and his grandfather are both injured, but both of them have their souls. konohamaru wants to go to his grandfather and have him protect them, but the hirasaka clan has a plan to take advantage of the situation and to attack the konohamaru clan.

Download Iso Psp Naruto Kizuna Drive Size 37 Mb

as they head back, kakashi states to naruto that he is more than just a kage, but a father, which earns a slight smile from him. yomito then states that ryuka is the only one who could take him down and they must find out where she is. as they return to konoha, they stop and discuss their next move, seeing that no one else is following them. naruto then asks them to come with him so he can find out what exactly ryuka is planning, but they refuse, stating that naruto is not a ninja, but still the leader of the village.


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