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Silent Hill 2 Movie Torrent EXCLUSIVE Download

This sequel, Revelation is a good stylistic,dark & very moody fantasy Horror, there's a very dark mood & very creepy atmosphere as well as lots of very gothic style nightmarish production design.Revelation is more exciting than the first film, which i also loved by the way, but this sequel is equally as good except it's running time, this is under an hr & a half & should be longer as it's so entertaining!!!This is a very impressive sequel & Horror movie, the atmosphere is thick with dread & accompanied by a very eerie, almost depressing & sad music score but it's great.At times it felt like a cool mix of A Nightmare on Elm street & Hellraiser, that's cool because this film gives us such a creepy nightmare/dream world & some excellent gothic creatures!!! We even get a twisted old carnival sequence that's like a dark nightmare come to life, fantastic Horror on show here. Revelation has become a favourite of mine from the Horror genre & i think it's definitely one of the best Horror movies in a long time.This sequel has some excellent scenes of pure "Horror" such as the terrifying Mannequin spider & creepy old carnival bits so there is some great stuff in here for Horror fans.The first film had a fantastic performance from Radha Mitchell & she drove the movie & gave it depth & desperation & a good strong character to follow into silent hill & now we have here daughter who is turning 18 & is tortured by Nightmarish visions of the dark & evil world of Silent Hill, a very good tough & troubled performance by Adelaide Clemens & also a solid moody performance from Kit Harrington (Game of Thrones) & a solid serious part for the always good Sean Bean.The creatures are amazing & the gore is great,Revelation is great Horror fun & is a simple easy follow up to a cult classic & still has some cool creatures, a very moody score & excellent nightmare world production design all around, so yeah a really good Horror movie.Silent Hill:Revelation is the easy watching type of Horror film you stick on at night over the Halloween period it has that feel it & it's pretty scary at times!!!

Silent Hill 2 Movie Torrent Download


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