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[S5E20] Return To Sender

Megan Fox was cast in the role of Reagan and temporarily filled in for Zooey Deschanel after she pre-taped her episodes last spring before taking a maternity leave.[11] This season did not premiere in the autumn of 2015, but instead on January 2016, with what Fox states to be "its first-ever season of virtually uninterrupted originals."[12] Damon Wayans, Jr. made his return for a two episode arc this season.[13]

[S5E20] Return to Sender

The Devil and Homer Simpson: Homer laments that he would sell his soul for a donut. The Devil promptly appears, producing a contract (which Homer signs) and a donut. Thinking he's outsmarted the Devil, Homer leaves one segment of the donut uneaten to keep the Devil from claiming his soul. However, that same night, Homer eats it anyway while half-asleep raiding the fridge. The Devil returns to collect, but Marge insists on having a trial, to which the Devil reluctantly agrees. After Homer spends a day in hell, the trial is held. Homer wins, but for revenge the Devil turns Homer's head into a donut. He is then unable to leave the house, as police officers with coffee are expectantly waiting outside for him.

Bart Simpson's Dracula: When a series of mysterious attacks occurs in Springfield, Lisa suspects that a vampire is responsible and that the vampire is Mr. Burns, but no one believes her. Lisa becomes more suspicious when Mr. Burns invites the family over for dinner and serves blood for drinks. Lisa and Bart then discover vampires in Burns' basement, and Bart is caught and turned into one. Later that night, Bart and several other children of Springfield try to attack Lisa. She tells the family that they have to kill the head vampire to get Bart back, so they return to the mansion and kill Burns (who fires Homer just before he dies). They return home, where Lisa discovers that the whole family (except herself) are vampires, and the head vampire is actually Marge ("I do have a life outside this house, you know"). They all swoop in to attack Lisa, but stop at the last second and wish the viewers a happy Halloween. Then, in a parody of the Peanuts special A Charlie Brown Christmas, they sing while Santa's Little Helper dances and Milhouse plays the piano. 041b061a72


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