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Beauty Shop [2021]

Beauty Shop is a 2005 American comedy film directed by Bille Woodruff. The film serves as a spin-off of the Barbershop film franchise, and stars Queen Latifah as Gina, a character first introduced in the 2004 film Barbershop 2: Back in Business. This film also stars Alicia Silverstone, Andie MacDowell, Mena Suvari, Kevin Bacon and Djimon Hounsou.

Beauty Shop

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Widowed hairstylist Gina Norris has moved to Atlanta so her daughter Vanessa can attend a private music school. After a disagreement with her domineering Austrian boss, Jorge, she quits and sets up her own shop, purchasing a run-down salon with the help of a loan officer. At the shop, the staff often listen to their favorite radio talk-show host, DJ Hollerin' Helen.

Gina discovers that taking over the salon comes with complications: loudmouthed young stylists, demanding clients, and her own lack of an established reputation in Atlanta. Lynn, the only white stylist at the salon, has trouble fitting in, especially with Chanel, another stylist. A flirtatious teenager, Willie, hangs around filming things and chatting up the women at the salon, including Vanessa. When Gina's rebellious sister-in-law Darnelle gets into legal trouble with her lowlife boyfriend, Gina has to bail her out of jail. She has Darnelle work at the shop to pay her back, and gives Darnelle an ultimatum to clean up her act and pay back Gina's money or face eviction.

Gina develops a homemade "miracle" hair conditioner. A satisfied client, Joanne, arranges for a meeting at cosmetics company CoverGirl so that Gina can sell them the formula. She hires a male stylist, James, after he comes into the shop and demonstrates his skill with braids. Darnelle's boyfriend confronts her at the salon, and Gina and James step in to protect her.

The shop is trashed and vandalized the night before Vanessa's big piano recital, but the staff come together to clean up the mess, even bringing in their own supplies to make sure the salon can stay open. Darnelle decides it's time for her to grow up and enrolls in beauty school. Willie secretly tapes Jorge and Inspector Crawford discussing their scheme to ruin Gina.

A disheveled woman enters the shop and begs someone to fix her hair for a wedding that day. Willie shows Gina the videotape of Jorge and Inspector Crawford. That night, Gina confronts Jorge at his salon and threatens to expose his scheme, as well as the fact that he is actually from Nebraska, not Austria, and tells him she will never give up. Jorge continues to insult Gina as she leaves, and James and his friends humiliate him by giving him an extreme haircut.

Later, as Gina and the shop listen to Hollerin' Helen's show, she gives a shout-out to Gina's salon and her miracle conditioner, and they realize she was the desperate woman on the way to the wedding.

Derek Armstrong of AllMovie gave the film three out of five stars, stating that while the film sticks to the same formula which made the Barbershop films so successful, it still "bursts with life, having attracted a spectrum of enthusiastic performers and a script that exceeds broad character types."[10]

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