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{PES 2015 Pc}

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 (abbreviated as PES 2015 and known as World Soccer: Winning Eleven 2015 in Japan) is a football simulation game developed by PES Productions and published by Konami for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. It is the fourteenth edition of the Pro Evolution Soccer series. The cover of the game features Mario Götze of Bayern Munich (except for the Japanese version, whose cover art features Keisuke Honda of A.C. Milan). In this game, the slogan used was The Pitch is Ours for the first time. PES 2015 was followed by Pro Evolution Soccer 2016.

{PES 2015 Pc}

Download File:

The game's first downloadable content pack was released on 9 November 2014, ahead of the official launch of PES 2015 on 13 November. The pack adds an extra eight European teams (Slovan Bratislava, FK Partizan, Maccabi Tel Aviv, Ludogorets Razgrad, HJK Helsinki, Qarabağ, Legia Warsaw, Sparta Prague), the Copa Sudamericana 2014 tournament, summer transfers, new player faces, latest squad lineups, and a series of latest boots from Adidas, Nike and Puma.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 received generally positive reviews from critics. IGN scored it a 9 out of 10, stating "PES 2015 embraces its PS2-era roots while offering almost everything you could want from a modern football simulation." However, they criticized the presentation, saying that it still needs some work.[13] Hardcore Gamer gave the game a 4 out of 5, saying, "After a few submissive years, Konami has put forth a game that caters to soccer fans with superb flexibility for creative expression, fluid gameplay and astoundingly intelligent AI."[18]

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 PC Game Free Download is developed by PES Productions and published by Konami. It is a very exciting football game based on 14th edition of the Pro Evolution Soccer series. The game was officially launched on 13 November. In this game a real time environment is provided to the player. You can also download MotoGP 19.

The graphical and visuals of Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 PC game are very much powerful and improved. Player have their own features, and expressions and voice. Improved Artificial Intelligence techniques have also been used in the game. You can also download FIFA 15 PC Game.

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PES 2015's debut on the new generation of hardware serves as the perfect antidote to fans who lost faith during the previous console switchover. The FIFA juggernaut has rolled on well beyond the point Konami's series could last count itself holder of virtual football's Ballon d'Or. Dedicated players have converted, and an entire generation has moved on to EA Sports' series. PES 2015, however, storms onto the pitch, flag in tow, ready to go full Souness on its major rival.

Perhaps its the increasing significance of Ultimate Team that accounts for FIFA's increasing flair for dramatics, but even as it introduces its own myClub, PES 2015 is a pleasant reminder there's an actual sport to be enjoyed. Subtle physicality is at the heart of a system which rewards those who battle to the very last, whether you're approaching goal or desperately trying to protect your own.

Going shoulder to shoulder is responsive and forces the AI into second-guessing whether they can retain possession. Some will use Olympic strength to power through, others will slow up, change direction and look for a pass. Reactionary intelligence - the kind which actively seeks solutions to problems you inflict - is at the core of everything PES 2015 gets right.

PES 2015's ability to prioritise the fundamentals of football ahead of a constant stream of blockbuster moments makes the title far less alienating than its competitor. Victories are well-earned and rewarding due to gameplay that is sharp, responsive and finely balanced.

The latter's constant need for the spectacular is overpowered by a formula which rewards the subtle tweaks and tactical variation which fuels the real-life sport. PES 2015 actually benefits from arriving two months later than its adversary, which has displayed its weaknesses over extended play since release.

FIFA and PES seem to have swapped shirts, with neither catering to the original audience they once set out to attract. Based on this year's offerings, though, it's PES that has the clearer direction of where it's headed. Perhaps most tellingly of all, PES 2015 is more satisfying in defeat than FIFA 15 is in victory.

Support ends Aug. 25, 2016, at 4 a.m. GMT. Any virtual currencies held in Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 will be wiped out by the termination, so Konami advises spending it all before the lights go off.

Closing online support is common in annual, ongoing sports video games and PES 2015 has already been succeeded by PES 2016, which launched in September. However, two years seems to be a customary length for support.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 also offers a free-to-play edition for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, which may have something to do with PES 2015's online termination. That version includes seven licensed soccer teams in an exhibition mode, plus the microtransaction-supported myClub career mode.

Tanto si eres principiante, como si quieres mejorar tus habilidades técnicas, PES 2015 te proporciona un excelente modo de Entrenamiento, que pone a prueba tu pericia con el mando a través de una serie de pruebas y desafíos que son reminiscencias del FIFA.

PES 2015 consolida su gran manera de crear y gestionar tácticas y estrategias mediante la inclusión de la posibilidad de establecer una forma de juego de acuerdo en diferentes momentos del partido. Así pues, se puede crear una táctica para cuando se comienza a correr, para cuando el balón está en nuestra posesión, y para cuando lo posee el equipo contrario. Una verdadera joya para los estrategas de la pelota.

Una de las cosas que más me ha gustado de Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 es la capacidad de Konami para reproducir fielmente todos los estilos de juego de los grandes clubs, como el FC Barcelona, que juega con un obsesivo tiki-taka. El Real Madrid, que aprovecha la velocidad y el contraataque. Por su parte, el Juventus ataca y apresa al rival, el Bayern se centra en la fuerza y la imprevisibilidad, y el Atlético de Madrid desarrolla un juego puramente defensivo. Tan real que parecen partidos auténticos!

El nuevo PES 2015 ofrece unos gráficos fluidos y de gran densidad. Es increíble el parecido físico de los jugadores más famosos (mucho menos, sin embargo, con los jugadores de segundo nivel). Los detalles del campo también están hechos con sumo cuidado.

If you're a football/soccer video game fan, chances are you're loyal to either PES or FIFA. My own longstanding loyalty to FIFA 15 ($59.99) was shaken this year thanks to problems with the AI and referees. Pro Evolution 2015 ($39.99) offered relief for me this year, but PES 2015's lower price tag also reflects the lower quality of just about everything else in the game, from the gameplay to the commentary.

You can recognize some players simply by the way they run or carry themselves, but they appear a little squat in stature. PES 15's player movements during close-ups and goal celebrations are smooth and realistic compared with the awkward FIFA 15 player movements. Konami does a much better job than EA at replicating facial details, emotions, and expressions. Players' eyes in PES 15 reveal what they're feeling at the time, whereas players' eyes in FIFA 15 lack soul, and facial expressions are terrible. Unfortunately, that's where PES 2015's player aesthetic superiority ends, as players are stiff and limited to a smaller variety of movements during gameplay.

While the player physics and aesthetics during a goal celebration look better in PES 2015, there's one element that I really miss from FIFA 15. That game's wobbling camera effect caused by your fans jumping up and down in the stand after your team scores at home is a great touch that adds more excitement to scoring. Its lack in PES 15 is by no means a deal breaker, but it's a small detail that's typical of the FIFA's better overall visual experience.

You'll hear a few familiar fan chants from the stands in PES 2015, but nowhere near as many as you hear in FIFA 15. Commentary is also extremely limited, which may seem like a small detail, but after listening to the extensive commentary in FIFA 15 it's pretty hard not to notice.

Slow but SmartPES 2015 still delivers a good rendition of the beautiful game. It's easier to score in PES 2015 than it is in FIFA 15, but not too easy. Sadly, some of the excitement in PES 2015 is hampered by comparatively sluggish controls. Ball control and handling generally feel soft, and passing is slow unless you use quick one-two passing. Speeding up gameplay in the settings doesn't have much of an effect, either, as players still don't display much urgency. Even when you kick or head a screamer, the ball appears to fly at a casual speed, which detracts excitement.

On the other hand PES 2015's AI is better than FIFA 15's, which makes for a less frustrating experience. I used to think the frustrations I felt in FIFA 15 were EA's way of replicating the frustrations real players feel during a match, but it eventually became clear that FIFA 15's poor player AI was to blame. For example, computer-controlled players bump into each other and fall to the ground, and the amount of time it takes to get back up renders them useless, which is particularly irritating during crucial moments.


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