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Beau Sanchez

Sonar X3 Melodyne Serial Number !!EXCLUSIVE!!

if you've ever wondered why the sounds in audio tracks are given names, then you're just going to love track view. once we've got our ears in, we can see all the notes and channels available. note the interesting addition to the 'volume' field: by default the pointer is in the centre of the relevant channel, but you can drop it down to one of the four corners for finer control.

Sonar X3 Melodyne Serial Number

the song editor is considerably more limited than pro channel editor as it can only apply automation to selected regions of a song. this limitation means that you can only automate master volume or panning if you want, and for pitch-shifting you need to perform the manipulation in another application. plus, in the song editor you can only automate a single track, not a whole session. and on a final score, pro channel editor can produce output from any active vst plug-in and offers 64-bit support, whereas song editor's output plug-in is limited to 32-bit.

nuendo and cubase are both widely regarded as the gold standards of workstation daws, but for me studio one remains the most comprehensive program, with pro channel editor the most versatile. i don't know whether that's because of how much easier it is to understand than its competitors, or simply because for most people it remains the most easily approachable. but with 64-bit support and the inclusion of vst3 plug-ins, it's clear that sonar x3 wants to be the obvious choice for people who've fallen in love with the platinum versions of these programs.

i'm using my x3 now mostly as a midi controller/recorder and the midi support is really good. i think they should take some time in restoring the piano roll to the main view of the editor, since it's the best window for seeing most of the important midi controllers (voice, pad, pl).


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