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Origami Tanteidan Magazine 139

The Origami Tanteidan magazine is the high-quality bi-monthly publication of the Japanese Origami Academic Society (JOAS).It usually contains many articles, and diagrams for geometric shapes, an intermediate design, a complex design and a crease-pattern challenge.

Origami Tanteidan Magazine 139


from left to right: Dakota Keel (NY), Adrienne Sack (NY) and Tom Hull (MA) with their tower built during the Oversize Folding Event during Convention 2010. For more information and diagrams to make this model, see Issue #1 of our online magazine, The Fold, and read Tom Hull's article called "Hidden Math in Molly's Hexahedron.".

Nippon Origami Association's gift of an origami wedding gown, made of the finest Japanese paper, folded by Ms. Yoshiko Sakamoto (Japan) and modeled by Takako Oniki (Japan) (left), and Susumu Nakajima (Japan) (right), father of the artist. Photo credit: Susan Dugan

Kitt and Mary with their four children, members of Deb Pun Discoe's origami group, "Aloha Origami!", at one of their folding meetings at the Thelma Parker Memorial Public Library in Kamuela, Hawai'i. Photo credit: Deb Pun Discoe

It's a Winter Wonderland. That is the theme for the 2004 origami holiday tree at the American Museum of Natural History. It was designed and decorated by Delrosa Marshall (NY) and Sok Song (NY) using over a thousand models including rookeries of penguins, herds of ibex, pods of orcas, parliaments of owls and over 300 snowflakes. Many OrigamiUSA member folded models for the tree and a full ist of those volunteers will appear in the next issue of the PAPER. Thank you to all who helped create this wonderful origami display. Cover photo by Lynton Gardiner

Jeremy Shafer (CA) is known the world over as an expert folder and patient teacher, but this world traveler, juggler, dancer, and performer recently put his quick-thinking skills to the test in an origami challenge like no other! (Story on page 4.) Photo by Susan Dugan (SC).

Chaim Metzger of Teaneck, New Jersey (photographed at OrigamiUSA's 2002 Convention) embodies the excitement and spirit of the young people who are hooked on origami both as a hobby and as an art form. Young Chaim, and thousands like him around the world, are the future of OrigamiUSA. In this issue, we salute some of the notable young creators and folders with the announcement of the winners of Origami By Children 2003. Photo by Susan Dugan (SC).

At Convention 2002 Leyla Torres (VT) taught a Santa puppet she created by painting part of her hand and adding an origami hat and boots. (Feature photo essays on pages 8-10.) Photo by Susan Dugan.

As a steadfast sign of support, a bundle of origami cranes are hung outside of NYC's Fire Departments, along side the American flag and a poster depicting a guardian angel. Together, three symbols of pride, hope and peace. (Feature photo essay on page 6.) Photo by Tony Cheng.

Children in Shanghai model origami fashions, part of program where origami is acting as a bridge between schools and the community. (Feature article begins on page 14.) Photo courtesy of Jinni Xu.

Pairs of origami animals, including 10-foot giraffes, take center stage as part of the cast of Piedmont Players Theatre's (NC) musical production of CHILDREN OF EDEN. Here, Noah and his family embark on an incredible journey - see page 8. (Photo courtesy of Piedmont Players)

Thomas Hull proudly displays one of his complex and colorful geometric origami formations. Mr. Hull is featured in this Science and Math issie with an article on map folding (beginning on page four) and a featured diagram on page nine. (Photo by Michael Salerno)

When you see the proud face of young Dan Deibler (PA) and his Cerceda macaw - as taught by Brad Arter (NY) - there is no disputing the joy of origami that could be found at OrigamiUSA's Convention '99 in New York City. (Photo by Susan Dugan)

Origami 1981: Schedule of seven holiday origami exhibitions, calligraphy by Shirley Goebel Christie (these include Origami Holiday Tree, AMNH; Trees of Christmas, National Museum of American History; The Exhibition in the Window: Japan Air Lines; International Origami Creche: Radio City Music Hall; The Tiny Tree: Donnell Library Center; and Berkshire Museum Christmas Exhibit.


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