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George Cheney
George Cheney

Fitoor Movie With English Subtitles Download [HOT] For Movie

The movie beautifully explains two love stories. One reflects the dark fraud love with greedy means, which remains torture with a lady who dies with the same suffering and pain the man gave. And the other story narrates an eternal long-lasting love story that started with the innocent days of childhood.

Fitoor Movie With English Subtitles Download For Movie

Hazrat is still adamant about getting Firdaus to marry Bilal and forces her against her will. The movie brings out their past relationship with Hazrat. In her past, pregnant Hazart was abandoned by her boyfriend Mufti, and he fled with all of her jewels. She reveals that this is why she requested Firdaus let go of her love. Later, she employs various strategies to deter the couple (Firdaus and Noor). 076b4e4f54


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