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Final Exam

Meanwhile the nearby Lanier College is preparing for its final exam date. In order to ensure a group of students ace their chemistry final, a fraternity fakes a shooting on campus so that the students can have more time to study. The prank works, resulting in a small number of students remaining on campus until the following day's final. Meanwhile, the murderer responsible for the March College killings arrives on campus in a van and begins stalking the remaining students.

Final Exam

Bookish Courtney is studying hard for her exams, while her wealthy roommate Lisa is preparing to leave for her home in New York City. Lisa is also having an affair with one of her professors, Dr. Reynolds. At nightfall, Gary, a pledge for Gamma Delta, suffers from a prank in which he is bound to a tree. The murderer unties him, before killing him with a knife. Gary's girlfriend, Janet, goes searching for him, and mistakes a silhouette in the distance for him. When she realizes it is not Gary, she attempts to flee, but is attacked by the killer and murdered.

Hal Lipper[9] of Dayton Daily News compared the film positively to Halloween (1978) stating that he found the film to be "slicker" and "better acted" than the latter but less scary due to the killer frequently being shown. Lipper also went on to praise the camerawork: "A welcome addition to Final Exam, however is its competent camerawork. It's a polished, professional effort that bellies its $363,000 budget, although a couple of hand-held camera shots at the film's finale might have heightened its impact". He then wrote that the performances of Bagdadi and Rice were highlights of the film. Linda Gross of The Los Angeles Times gave the film a middling review, noting that it "vacillate[s] between the college-prank humor of an Animal House and a killer-thriller like Prom Night".[15] Gene Siskel of the Chicago Tribune deemed the film a "rip-off" of Halloween (1978), characterized by "standard stalking-shots as the camera rolls in on the girls as they cower in terror in hallways and classrooms".[16] TV Guide called the film "dull" and "virtually bloodless", panning the film's dialogue heavy scenes.[17] The Baltimore Evening Sun's Lou Cedrone panned the film, writing: "The script never explains who the murderer is or why he's doing the killing... The most horrifying thing about it is the behavior of the fraternity boys, and the only really commendable thing about it is that the killings are handled with restraint".[18]

Under this schedule, if a conflict occurs, or a student has more than three exams on one day, the instructors may be consulted about an individual schedule adjustment. If necessary, the matter may be pursued further with the appropriate dean(s). This procedure applies to conflicts among any combination of Downtown Phoenix campus, Tempe campus, Polytechnic campus, West campus, and/or off-campus class.

Final exams for one day per week classes that start on or after 4:30pm or on Saturdays will be held for 1 hour and 50 minutes beginning at their regular scheduled time on the day the class is normally held, during final exam week.

Final Exam Dates: May 5, 6, 8, 9. Any student with an examination conflict or is scheduled for three back-to-back examinations should contact the instructor(s) involved, no later than Friday, April 28 for a possible schedule adjustment.

All students are expected to report promptly for examinations at the time and day indicated on this schedule. Examinations will be held in the same room in which the class is regularly scheduled unless otherwise noted.

Use this matrix as you make your class schedule to find out when your finals will take place. It's up to you to plan your class schedule so that your final exams won't conflict. Final exam times and locations are subject to change, so please consult the Final Exam Live Search ahead of finals week for the most up-to-date information.

Final Exams for Classes that Meet at Non-Standard TimesClasses that meet at non-standard times, whose starting times do not correspond with any of thestandard class days/times in Standard Final Exams above, will get a final exam schedule afterCourse and Classroom Scheduling Services has completed the scheduling of final exams -- first weekof April for Spring; and first week of November for Fall. Final exam schedules (date/time/location) can beviewed in Testudo Final Exams at that time.Final Exams for Classes Beginning at 6:00PM and LaterExams for classes beginning at 6:00pm and later are given on the same day and at the same timethat the class normally meets during the semester. For example, a class that meets Tuesday at6:00pm will have its exam on Tuesday of the exam week at 6:00pm; a class that meets Thursday at6:00pm will have its exam on Thursday of the exam week at 6:00pm. Final examinations for classesthat meet more than once a week will be held on the exam day corresponding to the first day of theweek that the class meets; for example, a class that meets T/Th at 6:00pm will have its exam onTuesday of the exam week at 6:00pm. Exams will generally be given in regularly scheduledclassrooms. The department will notify faculty of any exceptions.

Final examinations for all sections of courses listed below are given at the same day and time.Note that these final exam schedules do not depend on the class meeting day and time at which theparticular section meets. The room in which these examinations will be held will be announced inclass.

Freshmen Connection courses with Common Final Exams (NFSC100, CHEM courses, CMSC131, ECON 200, and MATH courses) will take place during the common final exam day and time for that course. Please reference the Common final exams table above.

For classes that are a combination lecture and lab, the final exam schedule is based on the time of the lecture. To use the grid, locate the start time of the class and the days it meets. For example, a class that starts at 9:00 am TTh follows the 8:15-9:25 am TTh final examination schedule.

* If the regular class time is less than two hours, instructors may conduct final exams on Friday, May 12 or at another 2-hour designated meeting time between May 12 and May 18 with appropriate student notice regarding time and location.

Distance Learning Courses: Online and Hybrid courses which require a face-to-face final exam will be scheduled by your instructors on a date and time during the Final Exam Conflict Periods as published below.

Instructors of Online and Hybrid courses: If you require that a final exam be conducted on campus, you may schedule your final exams during the Final Exam Conflict Periods as published below. Instructors or academic departments must contact the Office of the Registrar,, to book the location and time for the exam. Please select the day and time from the Final Exam Conflict Period section below and provide this in the communication with the Registrar's Office.MATH 1111 Common Final Exam: All in-person sections of MATH 1111 College Algebra require a face-to-face final exam. The final exam will be scheduled on Tuesday, May 2 from 3:30 to 5:30 PM for all sections of MATH 1111. The exam location will be provided by your instructor.

MATH 1113 & 1190 Common Final Exam: All in-person sections of MATH 1113 and MATH 1190 require a face-to-face final exam. The final exam will be scheduled on Wednesday, May 3 from 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM for all sections of MATH 1113 and MATH 1190. The exam location will be provided by your instructor.

Proctored Exams: Students taking Online or Hybrid courses must have received written approval from their instructors for a proctored exam at the beginning of the semester. Any change to that initially approved request for a proctored exam or any new request for an alternative date, time, or location of a proctored exam requires written approval by your course instructor three [3] weeks in advance of the start of the final exam week.

Exam Conflicts: If the final examination schedule results in an individual student having three examinations in one day, the student should attempt to schedule an alternative examination time with one of the three faculty members one week prior to the last day of classes.

The CORe final exam is a three-hour, multiple-choice, closed book assessment created by HBS faculty and delivered via the HBS Online course platform. The exam is offered to participants after successful completion of the program during a five-day exam window two weeks after the last module deadline. Participants do not need to make appointments to take the final exam.

You will not receive a score at the end of the exam. Once the exam window concludes, we'll calculate your final grade based on the exam, module quizzes, and participation. A passing exam score on all three courses is required in order to earn the CORe credential.

The first scheduled meeting time for a class determines the final examination period for that class. Classes having a common final examination for all sections should consult the schedule below for the exam time of common finals.

Each faculty member is required to give final examinations at times specified in the examination schedule. Whenever circumstances make necessary a deviation from the announced schedule, clearance for such deviation must be obtained from the appropriate dean and the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs. 041b061a72


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