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The tournament, however, is about much more than results on the pitch. It unites people with a shared passion for soccer and similar life experiences and celebrates a mix of cultures and countries that manifests itself in unmatched sportsmanship and camaraderie.

Search results for: street soccer

Mettle Sports created the Chicago Street Soccer Tour and Cup to connect neighborhoods in the Chicagoland community while making street soccer more accessible and fun for all ages, skill levels, and backgrounds.

Get ready to dive in street soccer games with your soccer star rivals. This offline game is no ordinary field soccer game. You are in for a World Soccer Games Cup. Score goals with free kick moves and win the trophy of sports games. Face challenges like dunk n shot and football strike hits in street soccer dunking games.

The goal is to be the perfect soccer player and win all football strike matches in the street. Set an aim for the free kick, hit a cool goal, and score. For a bonus, kick scores try to hit the extreme corners of the net. Play multiple modes and win trophies. Win college football to reach the national and regional level. Be the football hero to win the world soccer cup.

Start from career mode at college football level, win the trophy to reach the national level, and represent your country among other countries' top eleven soccer stars. Get into the regional street soccer tournaments and win to play international futbol league. For the thrill, play city mode!

Now play futebol with different challenges daily. Play challenge mode and face new street soccer challenges. Street Soccer free games has added a new "City Mode." Walk out in the streets and choose your rival yourself.

Unlike a regular futsal, street soccer invites you to get into the outdoor arena and enjoy sand soccer. 1v1 soccer match allows you to face soccer star players. If you like extra fun, GO MULTIPLAYER! Let our server hook you up with a rival football hero. Score and be goalkeeper in the single offline soccer game.

Based on original ethnographic research in a multicultural neighbourhood in The Hague, this open access book gives detailed insights into the challenges, negotiations and resistances girls with Moroccan-Dutch and Muslim backgrounds face in the world of street football. Kathrine van den Bogert traces the experiences of teenage girls who play football in public playgrounds, as well as in a girls' football competition the girls have set up themselves: Football Girls United. She addresses how race, ethnicity, religion, gender and citizenship are entangled in the access to and construction of the public street football spaces, such as football courts, urban playgrounds and public squares. While Muslim girls in football are often stigmatized and excluded based on their religious and ethnic backgrounds, this book emphasizes their street football practices as critical and creative ways of belonging, both in football and in wider Dutch society. By focussing on a domain largely absent in religion and gender research, namely sport, this book brings forth new perspectives on religious and ethnic diversity in Europe. The football players show that 'Muslim' is not always a relevant identity in their lives, and hence urge us to rethink the categories of analysis that we use, and often take for granted, as feminist and intersectional scholars of gender, religion and Islam. The ebook editions of this book are available open access under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 licence on 041b061a72


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