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Dell Refurbished Laptops Best Buy

This mostly applies to retailers who offer pre-owned and refurbished laptops, since you can often get limited warranties to cover things like bad batteries, cracked screens, or dead components. But it never hurts to ask an individual seller if a laptop is still covered by any manufacturer's warranties, especially if it's a somewhat newer model. This way, if anything goes wrong, you can contact someone to help troubleshoot or offer repairs. Apple offers AppleCare coverage for their certified refurbished laptops as well as 90-day tech support so you never have to worry about your used computer giving up the ghost and leaving you high and dry.

dell refurbished laptops best buy

Now that you know how to protect yourself and double-check seller information, you can keep reading below to see the best places to buy a refurbished laptop and find great deals on pre-owned computers.

At Best Buy Outlet, you can browse not only pre-owned and certified refurbished laptops, but also brand new units on clearance. Open-box laptops are rated from "fair" to "excellent-certified," meaning conditions range from pretty worn and parts missing to basically brand new. Refurbished, open-box, and clearance laptops from Best Buy Outlet are also covered by return and exchange policies as well as varying warranties. So if for any reason you're not happy with your new-to-you laptop, you can bring it back to the store for your money back, a different unit, or repairs. Prices also range from as little as $75 to just under normal retail, depending on condition. So if you're looking for a casual-use computer for web browsing and watching Netflix or something your kids can use for school, Best Buy Outlet has something to fit your needs and budget.

Amazon Renewed has a similar structure to a brick-and-mortar store which sells pre-owned and refurbished laptops, but with one key difference: they don't have a dedicated team of their own which inspects and repairs units. Instead, much like how they list and ship new items from various retailers, refurbished laptops are repaired and inspected by third-party suppliers and sold via Amazon. The nice thing about Amazon Renewed is not only the steep discounts you can find on great laptops, but they are very up-front about unit condition and backed by a 90-day return policy and the Amazon Renewed Guarantee which offers a full refund or unit replacement if you are at all unsatisfied. The downside to Amazon Renewed is that there isn't a physical store for you to go to if something needs repaired or if you need help troubleshooting issues: you have to pack everything up and ship it off to a nebulous repair center, which could lead to lengthy repair times and the possibility of your laptop getting lost in the mail.

Mac users looking for discounts on laptops or other Apple tech are often forced to browse local buy/sell/trade groups for used units, which comes with its own risks. But thankfully, Apple has a dedicated store page for certified pre-owned and refurbished MacBooks, desktops, and accessories. You won't find any super steep discounts on anything, but if you're looking to at least save a couple hundred dollars on retail while also getting peace of mind you aren't getting hosed, you'll be able to buy with confidence. Certified refurbished laptops from Apple are backed by a one year warranty, optional AppleCare coverage for accidental damage or loss, and 90-day returns as well as 90 days of tech support if you need help troubleshooting common issues.

If you use Facebook, you're probably familiar with Facebook Marketplace. While you can find actual retailers selling open-box or certified refurbished laptops, listings are overwhelmingly local individuals selling used items. While there are inherent risks, such as getting a dud unit or running across a scammer, if you practice due diligence, you can find a great laptop for a steep discount. Just remember that you can always fact-check product information against manufacturer specifications like model and serial numbers, build configurations, colors, and operating systems. If for any reason you think a seller is being untruthful about something they're selling, politely decline the listing and keep browsing; if you suspect they're a serial scammer, report the seller and listing to Facebook so they can take appropriate action.

Both mean that someone else had and used the laptop before you got your hands on it. However, if you buy a certified used or refurbished laptop from a retailer like Apple or Best Buy, oftentimes, it will be covered by some sort of limited warranty. It might cover things like physical damage and dud components but usually don't cover the battery; make sure you get a detailed explanation of the warranty before you buy. Certified refurbished and pre-owned laptops are also covered by a return policy like their brand-new counterparts, so if for any reason you aren't happy with your new-to-you laptop, you can bring it back to the store for an exchange or your money back.

Buying a refurbished laptop can save you several hundred dollars depending on the make and model and where you shop. However, you're unlikely to find the latest-generation laptops available as refurbs, unless the model in question has been on the market for six months or more.

Perhaps, because it doesn't refresh its laptops that often, Apple sells refurbished units of its MacBooks. For example, a new 12-inch MacBook 1.1GHz Dual-core Intel Core m3 (from April 2016) costs $1,299 new. A refurbished model sells for $1,099 on Apple's website, covered by a one-year limited warranty. At Amazon, the same unit sells for $899.99 with a 90-day warranty.

"The big OEMs are quite good in this area. Since Apple, Dell and HP put their names behind their refurbished equipment, they generally make sure that the IT Asset Management companies that do the refurbishment and reconditioning do good work," he said. Thus, either the laptop manufacturer or authorized refurbishers are the best sources for obtaining your purchase.

Some refurbished laptop warranties may be shorter than for new products and typically do not cover battery life, but each vendor is different, so read the fine print before adding the item to your shopping cart. You should get 30 days at least, and Microsoft requires a minimum 90-day warranty. Apple and refurbishers such as PCRR warranty their laptops for a year.

Nonetheless, cosmetic standards vary. The case could have some dings and imperfections that do not affect the unit's computing power, and buyers of refurbished laptops should be prepared for a product that does not look factory-fresh. Nonetheless, buyers should be sure to check for telltale signs that the new unit may not be up to standard: details like dead pixels on the screen, noisy hard drives, loose or squeaky hinges, or obvious signs of wear.

Amazon's Certified Refurbished (opens in new tab) laptops are tested by qualified manufacturers or third-party refurbishers like PCRR so they look and work like new. They come with a minimum 90-day limited warranty. On the Amazon site, you can search via a large number of criteria from the number of cores to hard-drive size, RAM and more to get the best model for your needs.

Amazon also sells refurbished, used and open-box laptops from its Amazon Warehouse Deals site. Though the company tests the functional and physical condition of products sold there, and grades them before putting them out for sale, there are no warranties for such used items, except for optional extended warranties you can purchase.

If you're shopping for an Apple notebook, be sure to visit Apple's refurbishing site (opens in new tab). All of Apple's refurbished laptops come with a year's warranty, free shipping and free returns. Refurb Tracker offers email alerts and RSS feeds to keep you updated on new refurbished products from Apple Store websites.

Here's a quick list of tech vendors that offer some of the best refurbished-product programs. If your favorite vendor isn't on this list, just Google its name along with "refurbished," and you're likely to find the goods.

We've put together a list of the most trustworthy outlets for buying refurbished laptops in the UK so you can save money while safe in the knowledge that your purchase is backed up by a solid guarantee. Additionally, we've highlighted a couple of attractive refurbished laptop deals that we deem worthy of your attention.

For those that aren't sold on either a refurbished or secondhand laptop but want to save a few quid on a new device, our best laptop deals page is regularly updated with the best laptop bargains around.

The company buys devices from members of the public before refurbishing them and says it conducts "up to 90 tests" on some tech products to ensure they're up to scratch before being resold. It offers a 12-month warranty on all refurbished laptops along with a 14-day money-back guarantee if you're not happy with your purchase.

Stone Refurb has an excellent Trust Pilot rating of 4.7 from over 3,000 reviews and sells refurbished laptops from a range of manufacturers, including HP, Dell, Acer, Toshiba and Lenovo. Its devices fall into one of four grading categories: Open Box, which are good as new, and Grades A through C. Grade A laptops are described as being in great condition, Grade B in good condition, while Grace C laptops have been well used.

Here the variety of refurbished laptops is somewhat narrower because most of the listings are r Latitude models, with some XPS and Precision here and there. Consider Dell Refurbished if you look for good, cheap, premium grade business laptops.

Discount Electronics has been selling refurbished laptops for over 20 years online and in their retail store. They have a wide selection of refurbished models from all major manufacturers. All their offers come with a 1-year warranty.

UKs largest online laptop specialist with lots of refurbished offers. They are based in Huddersfield and have a huge head office which features a massive showroom showing their laptops. They also have a distribution center in Huthwaite where they dispatch well over 1000 orders every day! 041b061a72


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