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Multiplayer mode supports up to 4 players on a single server. Each player works together to complete the current quest of the host player, although players who are not on that quest in singleplayer mode will not have their data saved except for items and experience. Each player is assigned a color and their character can only pick up items with that color around them, ensuring each player gets an equal amount of loot. Unlike in singleplayer, when a character dies, the other players have a chance to revive him or her instead of having to completely restart the level. When all players die, the level will be restarted however.

Dark Quest Alliance PSN

For those of you who like to explore a dark fantasy world, this is a refreshing take on the action RPG genre! Dungeon Hunter: Alliance is set to release April 2011, so check out our launch trailer for an inside peek into our upcoming game!

  • Character Classes: This section provides an overview of the five heroes of Baldur's Gate: the barbarian, the monk, the necromancer, the rogue, and the cleric.

  • Feats: Look here for a complete list of all available feats, including each character's "bonus" feats. You'll find skill point requirements and benefits for each feat level.

  • Item Creation: This section reveals bonuses provided by each gem type for use when creating your powerful magic weaponry, armor, and jewelry.

  • Walk-through: A complete walkthrough of Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2 featuring story quests, optional quests, and rewards. The walkthrough also includes details on the unique class quests found in the third act.

  • Cheats and Secrets: Check here for level-up, bonus gold, map warp, and invincibility codes for both the PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions of Dark Alliance 2.

The monk's ability to stun most enemies is one of the best features of the class. Emphasize the appropriate feats (such as Stunning Blow) as well as those that help reduce damage (such as Evasion). Add gear that improves critical damage and your unarmed combos can unleash some vicious damage at high levels. Improve her proficiency with armor, combat reflexes for increased combat speed, and acquire Hail of Knives after completing her class-specific quest for a good ranged counterpart to her melee stun attacks.

Key feats for the necromancer include Clarity, which decreases the cost of spells, Empower, which increases spell damage, and Iron Will, which increases your magic energy regeneration rate. Enervation is a solid ranged attack spell; Shadow Spray (unlocked after completing the class-specific quest) is worth every point; and Slow can be used to keep multiple enemies at bay while you punish them at longer range. Note that the necromancer begins with no armor proficiency. But despite being a spellcaster, he can be trained to wear the best armor with no penalty to his abilities.

Borador is a dwarf excelling in ranged combat (with the increased dexterity) and thievery (for his Ransack feat). The Dwarven Rogue has the feats to focus on ranged or melee weaponry, though the best melee-focused feats aren't unlocked until Borador completes his class-specific quest found well into the game. Thus it's better to focus on Borador's initial strengths by utilizing his ranged abilities.

Invest skill points in Accuracy, which increases the accuracy and damage of ranged attacks, Combat Reflexes, to increase rate of fire, Hail of Bolts, for increased range ability, and Smokepowder Satchel, for luring enemy groups to the explosion. Consider Dwarven Warsong, which decreases enemy effectiveness, after completing Borador's class-specific quest. Enhance Borador with items that increase dexterity, ranged abilities, and damage for a very potent ranged character.

Some of her feats that benefit her and her allies include Bless, which makes Allessia and her allies hit enemies more accurately and for more damage, and Cure Wounds, which heals Allessia and her allies. Divine Strength is a must if you're going to emphasize melee weaponry. Allessia also is very effective against the undead and begins with skill in Turn Undead, which repels and damages nearby undead. Consider Flame Strike for spell damage, though it's weaker late in the game when the enemies are stronger (be sure to strike enemies in the flame's center for the most damage). If you plan to use spells frequently, Empower and Iron Will become much more valuable. Complete her class-specific quest in the third act to gain a number of fighter-related feats.

This section offers a complete walk-through for Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2. Inside you'll find instructions on finding all story and optional quests, the quest rewards, and tips on traversing all locations. The walk-through also features coverage of the class-specific quests found in Act III.

The atmosphere has turned ominous in the Trollbark Forest. It's dark and the enemies are as plentiful as the raindrops pouring down. Save your game at the podium and follow the forest path. A cutscene reveals several vultures feasting on the body of a trader. Though it's too late for the trader, defeat the vultures and follow the path west toward the river.

Before you speak with Randalla in the inn, find Sollus captain of the guard. He has an optional quest for you. The Baldur's Gate sewers are crawling with vermin. You can clear out the sewers for additional experience, loot, and a reward from Sollus.

The Sewers is a surprisingly challenging dungeon for early in the game. You must do this quest before you accept any of Randalla's story-based missions, which, not coincidentally, is when the challenge will be the greatest. There are plentiful insect-like creatures roaming the sewers. You must kill over 100 of these (along with a variety of rats) to successfully complete the quest. A counter indicates how many monsters remain; it counts down by 10 until you reach single digits at which time it counts down one at a time.

She has news that Sollus may have additional work for you, especially since you've discovered the map to the Red Fang base. Randalla also offers an optional quest that can allow you to gain some experience and loot. You can purchase the map to the Wood of Sharp Teeth. It's a wise purchase because you can visit the location in the next act for even more experience and treasure.

The path will take you west, up the cliff to the north, and back around to the east. You'll find another save game pedestal here just before a cave that bridges the game between the lower and upper Cloak Wood cliffs. Enter the cave and battle through the dark cavern. You're warned of a rust monster up ahead. You can scurry past him or render him useless by stripping off your metallic items (search to the alcove north of the rust monster for a small treasure chest). Battle through the cave exit; lure the melee goblins away from their archer support. Exit the cave into the upper cliffs.

Before heading off in search of Jherek's artifacts, you can also speak with Randalla inside the Purple Wyrm Inn and receive information on an optional quest. It's the Skull Gorge. You can battle through the gorge and its connecting caves for additional experience and loot.

This is a pretty small map but the reptilian adversaries are fairly tough. Be sure to explore the western side of the river and speak with the wounded bodyguard. His name is Landen and reveals that the troglodytes have kidnapped Lady Cadmere. He reveals their possible location and offers an optional quest.

Begin your battle through the dark hallway leading north. You'll soon reach an intersection with paths leading to the west, east, and continuing to the north. Search the eastern route to discover two dead-end alcoves (after another intersection). If you're hoping to explore the dungeon for every inch of its available experience and treasure, follow the eastern path to the two corner rooms.

Proceed through the small entrance and into another large castle grounds area. You'll find the entrance into the next section at the far north. Before descending, speak with the Cleric of Tempus standing to the west of the entrance. He has a story to tell and a quest to give. It's not mandatory but worth the effort.

Proceed west through the dark dungeon hall. You'll quickly reach an intersection. Proceed north and follow the hall to its dead-end to the northeast. Use the lever here to open a door elsewhere on the level. Return down the hall and continue west along this branch of the dungeon.

  • Dorn the Barbarian's quest is given by Randalla.

  • Vhaidra the Monk's quest is given by Ulua.

  • Ysuran the Necromancer's quest is given by Omduil.

  • Borador the Dwarven Rogue's quest is given by Durbem.

  • Allessia the Cleric's quest is given by Huros.

These quests are well worth their rewards, which include new a set of new feats for each character class. These quests can be completed any time from the start of the third act. It's beneficial to complete them first because you gain new feats that may come in handy during the elemental quests provided by Jherek.

Follow the primary hall west (taking the chance to explore any side routes to the north) and save your game before entering the final large chamber. It's here where you will battle Draezen and his monk escorts. Utilize any area effect damage feats, if acquired, when surrounded by the monks. Eliminate Draezen to complete the quest. You can recall back to Baldur's Gate or return to the world map.

Zarad still doesn't seem too pleased to see you and now you must battle him to complete your quest. Zarad teleports around the map and even creates duplicates of himself. Blast Zarad with your ranged spells. If you try to maneuver close, Zarad will just disappear and keep you running around.

Advance forward and greet Luvia Bloodmire, your old nemesis. Steer clear of Luvia at first and eliminate the other minions in the area. Luvia will battle in two forms. Her first form is rather easy; you should have little trouble blasting her into the dust. But her second monstrous form is much more of a challenge. It spews poison. Stay away from its front and keep your distance if possible. Kill Luvia's two forms and use the earth foundation to complete the quest. 041b061a72


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