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Bonifati Vorontsov
Bonifati Vorontsov

What Happened To All My Hotmail Emailsl

In my iPad inbox my gmail email is working fine but my hotmail email is not.since not all the folders are showing up,it has been working fine till today.I cant see the sent,junk, etc. Folders for my hotmail messaged.what should I do?

What Happened To All My Hotmail Emailsl


"Hi, do you know how to get lost emails back on my iPhone? I saw nothing in my index box and all received emails all disappeared from my phone. I don't know what happened and please help me if you know how to solve my problem. Many thanks!"

You know what, I have been trying to anyone of my e-mails, yahoomail,gmail,hotmail,, all these e-mails can not open, even I followed instructions I stacked so what can I do? to my mails or inbox?

I sent a test email to "my" hotmail address from several of my email campaigns and regular emails. Regardless of whatever I do, the email(s) does not appear in my Hotmail inbox. I sent to wife's hotmail address - it did appear without issue. I am not blocking constant contact emails or doing anything to prohibit emails from coming into my inbox. This is EXTREMELY frustrating. Please help.

I was never asked to switch to outlook mail, if i wanted that id use outlook express. I do not like the bs you pulled and want the hotmail interface back. This shit sucks. I do not have the switch back option under your cog/gear (whatever the hell you call it), so you need to find a way to force the switch back to the hotmail interface.


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