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How does it work?

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

I get this question a lot, people wanting to know the 'secret'. How does psychic communication work?

I tend to answer the question with a question, 'Tell me, how does thinking work?' I'll normally see a confused expression. 'You're having thoughts now, tell me how they "work"?'

'How does, imagination work, how does daydreaming work, how do any computations of our mind "work"?'

We don't know, is the short answer. We know they exist; we can explain the notion of them to a point, we can explain how we experience them, but as for how they originate, calculate, compute, execute, we don't have the answers.

So it is for psychic awareness.

I've had a 'sixth sense' for as long as I can remember, beginning with a deceased lady who would visit me after bed bedtime and I'd refer to as 'le lady'. My single mother was working for a recent widower and father of two boys as a live-in Nanny and housekeeper. The wife/mother had had a brain haemorrhage, when rushed to the hospital, she died, and never returned to the home. I was the age her youngest son was when last with him; I'd been moved into his old bedroom as well.

Though well believed, and even witnessed by my aunt, no one regarded the incident of evidence I was psychic. The auntie who saw 'le lady' entering my room had many such encounters, but for me it was the only one I would have for a very long time.

Looking back, the most powerful indication that I did indeed have psychic awareness was when beginning school. I'd been a bubbly, confident, curious, extroverted little kid. I was so excited to be starting school, but from first arriving there, I was confused, unsettled, not from the work, but from the social side of things.

I didn't get it . . . Why were kids, and teachers, acting, relating, talking to each other in one way, that often contradicted what they really thought and felt about others. I was awkward, and really lacked confidence; I didn't know, I didn't understand, the 'rules of human engagement'.

It of course only worsened as I got older and entered year nine and year ten, the deceit among everyone was just crazy. I mean, people would do it to me, with me, they'd act one way toward me, all the while I knew exactly how they really thought and felt.

I survived my teen years, and my twenties by having few friends, good friends, friends that for the most part were honest in how they thought and felt. I had no idea, of course, the reason for my confusion, my disillusionment, my distrust of others came from the fact I was reading people. Come my thirties, I started to realise, that others were only receiving and understanding the outward action of people, and not the inner dimension that went along with it.

I began to read, visit psychics myself, eventually finding a spiritual teacher, and came to understand my way of psychic communication and awareness was something called clairsentience. In addition to that, I learned I am also an empath, which means I pick up on energy very sensitively. It could be a feel amongst a group of people, the energy of a room, it could be the energy of an individual. I might watch a segment on the news and feel, not just hear and see, the emotion of a story.

There are varying ways people are psychic. Most of us know the term clairvoyant. To some it's synonymous with being psychic. In fact, it's more specific than that; to be clairvoyant means you receive your psychic information visually. Clairvoyant means 'clear sight', in French.

Another means of picking up on things psychically is via 'clairaudience' this word is French for 'clear hearing'.

Clairsentience, what I experience, is described as 'a knowing', and that is precisely the way I receive psychic communication. I'll have a thought, a memory, an idea in my mind, only it won't be mine, it will belong to someone I'm reading. This goes hand in hand with being empathic and feeling emotion that isn't mine; it will be that of someone I'm reading, either deliberately or by pure chance.

As you might be able to imagine I tend to avoid crowds, being in one can be so overwhelming.

So for those curious about how psychic awareness 'works' ultimately, the answer is, I don't know. However, I ask that you consider what I feel as an accurate analogy.

Consider a dog, with a sense of smell thought to be tens of thousands of times stronger than ours. Imagine the dog sensing the approach of someone familiar, a neighbour on foot. That neighbour might be ten minutes' walk away, but the dog already knows in the near future, that neighbour will be walking past his house.

For this example, let's imagine our dog is able to articulate this to us.

If he were to tell us a particular person was to be passing his particular location in the next ten minutes and it proved to be completely correct, would we consider him to have supernatural ability, or simply ability far more sensitive than our own?

My hope is that we'll reach a point where all the 'super', 'mystifying' associations with psychic awareness are no longer a 'thing', and we realise it's just on a spectrum of awareness and communication, full stop. Just like the dog, just like so many creatures with senses differently attuned to the average human.

If/when that happens all the frauds, the cold-readers will be exposed for what they are. We need true psychics to be recognised for the amazing work they can offer and not be feared or treated with immediate cynicism and distrust. To be truly psychic means to be truly blessed; something of which any true psychic will be well aware.

bek x

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Snap...was really thinking about this heavily this thoughts were I HOPE and pray we stay in ISO for a cple more months yet...which I would never say directly to anyone that does not share my feelings and thoughts...I feel it too early....why? you may ask answer is because....people that have a job, a business, a relationship etc that they hate...will NOT go back to it the longer time goes on...the longer the time, the harder it will fact impossible...more reflection is needed...if life is allowed to "resume as normal" people atm will shrug and say...oh well suppose I will resume my job/relationship/failing business etc...which means lessons have not been learnt...they need more time to realize they need…


for me it has been learning to listen to messages, tacit knowledge and what is called intuition. reading some philosophy on morphogenetic fields and neuroplasticity. i am a panpsychist and believe all things are alive, perhaps not in the same dimension or time ... and all things share consciousness... sand , mountains, the cosmos and creatures and plants we describe as living or sentient. you can talk to butterflys, trees and ancient mountains. this is why humans always return to nature, it fills our souls with the quiet of creation and where we come from.

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