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daily read - Judgement

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Welcome to Wednesday, friends. We reach the middle of the working week with a bang, and Major Arcana XX, no less, Judgement.

Not only is this a card of the Major Arcana it is highly progressed - card 20, from 22. This card’s message is strong, and would dominate a multi-card layout.

It is hard to sum up the message of Judgement without sounding as though I am repeatedly banging the same drum, or that I myself am making the judgements.

Judgement speaks of reaching an enlightened state of change and spiritual/physical evolution. The Universe is sending out a call - change is needed, desperately needed. Will we answer it? Will we take notice and act?

Months ago, I can remember, when we, in Australia, and much of the world, were in lockdown in response to our first-wave of Corona. Amongst fear and sadness, was a hope, I felt, some slight excitement.

Some of us were anticipating that in that time of being forced to halt, we as humans could reflect on the state we’d inflicted on our World.

Thanks to the absence of humans, dolphins were frolicking in Venetian canals, a whale came to feed in our Port Philip Bay. The message to change our ways seemed clear, and possible. Hope was high.

I am now in the unenviable position of being in our strictest lockdown, in Melbourne amongst our ‘second wave’.

The second wave hit because some people did not answer a call, they appeared oblivious to one. We now see, again, that oblivion across our World, as other countries are swallowed up in their second waves.

Inconceivably, not only does oblivion to a call still exist, but worse, defiance in the face of it, refusal, to be anything other than self-interested.

So again, the Universe is calling, will it fall on too many deaf, self-centred ears? Let’s hope and pray not.

Love, peace, blessings, bek xxxx

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