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Let's not blow this opportunity

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

If you've been following my posts on my Tarot Facebook page, you would have read that the cards I draw each day have been telling a story about these times, these times with the world impacted by Covid-19, what we can learn, and I believe are meant to learn from this extraordinary time.

Forced into 'lockdown' we are presented a choice; bemoan our situation, or look for crucial life lessons that might be borne from this unprecedented time.

Since humans have had to retreat indoors the world over we've seen incredible onflow: animals freely roaming the turf and terrain normally flooded with human life; dolphins - dolphins - and swans enjoying the canals of Venice in water now transparently clean.

I can't be the only one, I know, I can't be the only one, to see footage of these things and realise these extraordinary times are not here by chance, they here for us to take note, to take stock. It shouldn't have cost the lives of over 200,000 people for us to get a grip on what we need to do, but it has. Please do not let these lives have been lost in vain.

Animals inhabiting where they normally can't should be in and of itself a clear message we are f***ing up our planet, but also it's not too late to make it stop. With us not around just look at the improvement. We are the problem. Let's change our ways for real!

I'm so deeply affected to see the resistance, to see the intolerance, posed on our lives by the lockdowns over Covid-19. If the cards - the Tarot - have repeatedly shown one thing it's that humans must need to stop our greed for more and more physical commodities, and physical comforts, and tune into the massive part in each and everyone of us that is spiritual. (the Temperance read talks a lo about this).

We're bored, we don't know what to do with ourselves while in lock down, to the point we now, in Australia, and other western societies want to revolt against government restraints.

Please see that this is the perfect time, a provided time for us all to turn inward, and spend this 'boredom' developing our spiritual awareness.

I've been urging people to connect to their spirituality, THEIR, spirituality. It's not an abstract concept, it's part of ourselves our consciousness, a much nicer place to be at times. One we can reach with the simplest methods of meditation. (I'v shown an example video on the crimson moon facebook page. Will copy it over to here as well.)

You don't need to know what changes you're looking for when you begin to do something like meditate regularly. Just start the practise, get used to it, and time and experience will do the rest.

All I urge is that we don't screw up this unprecedented time with impatience. Look at what the universe may be offering to us, and the world be asking of us, and try at least to meet them half way.

Life tends to continue trying to get our attention when needed and if we fail to understand why, it will up the ante each and every time. Should we fail to connect further with our spirituality and respect and read the needs of our environment, I suspect there'll be another pandemic-like episode somewhere in the not-too-distant future.

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