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nine of pentacles/hanged man

A two card reading today. First drawn, our favourite lady, the Nine of Pentancles. On asking for further information, I draw The Hanged Man.

Such a great pair.

The young woman, the definition of independence, drive and self confidence, building herself up by only what life has had on offer.

As she readies herself to step out into the world, to take on what it has in store, any trace of self-doubt, insecurity, or questioning is swept away by the ultimate rebel, The Hanged Man.

As life is changing before our very eyes, as we have no choice but to change along with it, be assured your choices are the right ones for you, your decisions

are sound.

Believe in you and your capabilities, let no one else’s opinions or

criticisms change your plans, decisions, choices, or moves.

You are on your path to success.

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