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APF's financial backer Lew Grade, who had bought the company after the success of Fireball XL5,[22] approved the concept and commissioned 26 episodes.[23] Anderson named the new series "Stingray" partly from a belief that stingrays are dangerous animals (in reality, they are docile), but also because it "seemed an exciting title."[21] In preparation for the new series, APF, then based on the Slough Trading Estate's Ipswich Road, moved to a larger site on the nearby Stirling Road at a cost of 75,000.[2][24] The new studios, built inside a converted factory unit, contained three 40-by-45-foot (12 m 14 m) shooting stages:[24] two for puppet filming and one for creating special effects.[2] This arrangement allowed two episodes to be filmed simultaneously by separate crews.[2]

Stingray 2013 64 bit torrent

The data is also available at Figshare: Caballero, Susana; Galeano, Ana Maria; Lozano, Juan Diego; Vives, Martha (2020): Description of the microbiota in epidermal mucus and skin of sharks (Ginglymostoma cirratum and Negaprion brevirostris) and one stingray (Hypanus americanus). figshare. Dataset. _of_the_microbiota_in_epidermal_mucus_and_skin_of_sharks_Ginglymostoma_cirratum_and_Negaprion_brevirostris_and_one_stingray_Hypanus_americanus_/6863765.


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