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Chakras - YOUR key to psychic awareness

Updated: May 8, 2020

As you may have caught onto by now I'm a huge proponent for increasing our awareness of our chakras.

There's many reasons for this, one being each of our chakras is a hub of energy servicing various areas and systems of our bodies. Strengthen and balance our chakras and we strengthen and balance ourselves.

I say bodies, plural, because we exist, and share consciousness with/through, several of them, sometimes referred to as planes and/or auras. The one we spend most time in is this current one, this mode of daily life, working, socialisng, etc.- it is our physical plane. When we sleep, we enter a different mode of consciousness, and therefore operate in a different plane, the astral plane.

Some believe that our dreams are recollections of experiences we've had while in our astral plane. I'm not quite so convinced it's as straightforward as that, but that's a topic for another time.

In meditations, you'll hear me refer to some of the chakras as being physical, and others as spiritual, or affecting non-physical planes. We have seven planes/bodies/auras all operating at differing levels of consciousness. We also have seven chakras. Of our chakras, the ones most at work for us now, while mostly operating within our physical plane, are the lower three, root - red, spleen - orange, and solar plexus - yellow.

You'll often hear me refer to this last one, solar-plexus - yellow, as a strong chakra, special, chakra, and that's because it is the first level of chakra to exist in, and cross-connect with, our physical plane, and our spiritual and higher planes.

As we go up to the heart - green, throat - blue, third eye - indigo, and our crown - white chakras, we are dealing with chakras operational beyond just our physical plane. Our throat chakra is said to help us with hearing, known as clairaudience, and this is an awareness heightened for those who hear their psychic information. The third eye is said to provide clear sight, or clairvoyance, an awareness finely tuned in those who see psychic information, and so on.

Looking at the pictures below, figure one shows our seven chakras (the colours have shown up a little off) as if looking at them straight on, also how I describe them in my meditations. However, look at figure two, looked at side on, you can see the seven chakras, but not depicted as circular, rather conical. This is because our chakra energy centres connect our physical selves with our other levels of consciousness, where we exist in higher auras or planes.

Recall my analogy of the dog with its supersonic senses, able to perceive the approach, say of their owner, way before they actually arrive? If a human had this ability and was to communicate it, we'd assume they were psychic.

Imagine what happens when we start to become focussed on connecting with, strengthening and balancing our chakras? It only stands to reason we will begin to connect with our other planes more easily, we will fine tune our awareness of them and receive heightened communication. By and large, in this physical consciousness we completely ignore our chakras, and the existence of the planes they connect to. Even when we do receive their communication, say predicting a phone call, we brush it off, as 'funny' or 'odd', rather than recognise it as the intuition it is.

Without changing that perception/belief how can we ever expect to have any form of significant psychic awareness?

To me, there is nothing 'paranormal' about psychic communication. I believe, like everything else, it has a practical, logical, and scientific explanation. That explanation resides in the ability to connect with, and heighten our sensitivity to, our higher planes. A great place to start is working on our chakras.

Pictures courtesy of Barbara Ann

Brennan's, Hands of Light - a guide to healing through the human energy field

Barbara Ann Brennan began her career as a scientist for NASA at the Goddard Space Flight Centre before becoming an expert in Bioenergetic Therapy and the human energy field. She is now a foremost expert in the ability of energy channeling, and healing.

Note: When doing a fresh meditation always imagine the disappearance, removal, disintegration - whatever works best for you - of your grounding cord in preparation for the fresh grounding exercise.

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