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High Priestess/sun

Because life isn’t challenging enough I thought I better make our read today a little more complex Today, I bring another two card read.

First thing to notice is the appearance of two Major Arcana cards. Indicative of a message really worth taking on board.

The first of the cards, The High Priestess, is said to represent one side of the feminine archetype. (The Empress being the other.)

The High Priestess has infinite meaning when read in the context of a muti-card read. Alone she is said to represent mystery, the awareness only of our unconscious, and the potential that may hold.

Though not an inherently negative card, at all, there is a lot that is hidden, at least, veiled, about her. Also, division is a theme - one half of the feminine, also her imagery, the light and dark, for example.

When asked for expansion on this message, I draw another Major Arcana - The Sun.

Under the Sun things are joyful, fun, all is bright, and illuminated

In the Sun, all things come out to play, in a beautiful, enlightened, but simple and unified way.

We are in a world with much division, much cynicism and distrust. People are blindly latching on to ‘causes’ that will only hold back positivity, delay growth and return to


However, the potential for change remains.

We must stay the course with hope and faith to one day again be in the Sun. Stay enlightened, keep up hope, and importantly faith.

The Sun chases away the breeding grounds of illusion and negativity, unifying us all that stand in its brilliant light.

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