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daily read - ten of pentacles

On the Ten of Pentacles we see a family, mum, dad, the kids, grandpa, and even the family dogs.

The image depicts a life ordinary in its surface appearance, but full of wonders when the effort is put in to see them.

We see a magic wand leaning up against the arch, scales of justice worked into the arch (above the grandfather’s head), and the Pentacles themselves form the pattern of The Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

Though the people are happy, and at ease, they appear to be going through the motions of an ordinary middle class life, utterly unaware of the mystery and and wonders that surround them.

Our World is full of beauty and mystifying magical wonders, yet how often do we stop to explore, even consider, the miracles at play at every micro to macro level of our incredible lives?

Have a blessed, loving, and beautiful weekend. Love to all, bek xxxx

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