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king of wands

Self-assured, capable, and highly intelligent. Successful, driven, a real go-getter. Charismatic, magnetic, a natural leader. Such characteristics would be assumed to partnered with arrogance, self-involvement, ego-centrism, and perhaps a lack of empathy.

The King of Wands has all the positive qualities mentioned above without the negative ones. He sees no need for deceit, or deriding others to rise to the top, it’s not in his nature, nor with a birthright to the throne, has it needed to be.

The one detractor from this King’s nature is a tendency for intolerance toward others who are not as intelligent, not as capable, not up to his ability. He must remind himself that because he can, doesn’t mean everyone else can too.

The appearance of this King suggests that now is time to trust in yourself, time to strike, to pursue what it is that you’ve ‘been ‘umming and ahhhinhg’ about all this time. There is prosperity and success awaiting to partner with your natural abilities to bring to reality what you want to achieve.

You have the energy of the King on your side right now. There could be no better time to back yourself. Just ensure you remain true to yourself in your pursuits, remain humble, and grateful for the success, and any help you may receive along the way.

Other than that, get out there and get going!

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