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Nine of Wands

We start the week with a card relative to so many people’s situation today. It is the Nine of Wands.

The image of this Nine is enough for people to take one look, and think, ‘More to battle? More wounds to nurse and injuries to carry? No thank you!’

But this is a card where we really need to examine what we’re being shown.

Yes, this is an embattled person, he has been through the wars, but, looking more closely, this man is not as badly off as he first appears.

He has come through his battle and is now on the other side of it. And see those Wands behind him? They sprout all over with new opportunity, possibly due to his ‘new normal’ he will have to adjust to - the legacy of the war he has survived.

The biggest thing I notice is that at first glance the figure looks beaten up, but really, he stands tall and strong. Looking more closely still, he actually has no wounds or visible injuries, except for his bandaged head.

Rather than a physical wound this bandage, and its placement on the head, is most likely indicative of psychic or spiritual injury.

This man has been so focussed on physical battle, perhaps witnessed

awful things, that have damaged him in a spiritual way. Moving forward, it is his spirit, and his spiritually that will tending to, and healing.

Notice also, his Wand, his support, also stands strong and tall, sprouting its own promise of new opportunity.

Wishing you wellness and peace and a great new week.

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