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Seven of swords

An interesting one today, we have the Seven of Swords.

In readings, this card can sometimes relate to a person or situation that is distrustful. Alone, it can take on a different meaning.

We see a man making off with his enemies’ weapons. A move to weaken his opposition. His plan however, if he even has one, is clearly not thought through - he strikes in broad daylight, he can’t even carry all the swords.

I imagine the next frame of this situation, if there were one, would show him being spotted and chased.

The Seven of Wands warns against acting impulsively, especially in a situation where it’s important you beat your opposition, where it’s important you come out on


In serious situations where protection against someone or something is needed, it cautions against acting without thinking things through. It tells us careful planning before action is needed.

I hope you all find an opportunity for some joy in your Wednesday. I hope you find ample opportunity to smile. Love, bek xxxx

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1 Comment

well that energy panned out for me on the weekend!!

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