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the emperor

Today we are greeted by Major Arcana IV, The Emperor.

So commonly cards of the Tarot are either engaging or trying to engage our spirituality in one way or another.

With The Emperor we find something quite different, a message of calm rationalism over intuition, of level headed analysis over emotional reaction.

Quite often this card relates directly to the law, the power of society, its power to enforce its laws.

Whether a negative or positive reference depends on the card’s context.

It can be referring, as I believe it is in today’s context, to a time of stability and order.

Never before, at least in this lifetime, have I had a time, as I’m sure it is for most of us, when I’ve needed to entrust our societal leaders with the care of mine and my family’s well-being.

I’m glad to see the Emperor as some reinforcement, some assurity that my, that our, trust is well guided. For me it is very much appreciated.

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