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Two of pentacles/four of wands

Thought I’d set myself a challenge and close off the week with a two card read. What I see couldn’t be more clear or literal.

Who can’t relate to this feeling of juggling, needing to maintain numerous balls in the air to get to a better place - one we remain hopeful about arriving at.

The juggler has every reason to be upbeat, though things are tough right now, we can see his ships literally coming in over, still choppy, seas.

I asked the Tarot for some further information, another card, to expand on the first, and how perfectly does the Four of Wands fit?

Its image of people running free from the stone walls that enclosed them, outwardly expressing their liberty and joy. They appear jubilant, as if they may have overcome hard times.

A beautiful story of hope from the Tarot to take into our weekend.

May yours be blessed, loving, and joyful. bek xxxx

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