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What the world needs now . . . Temperance

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Again the Tarot brings me a card, my interpretation of which, I can’t type fast enough to show my excitement.

So I am again asking for a read of guidance and inspiration for ALL of us here at Crimson Moon as life continues through this Covid-19 crisis.

Yesterday brought a little narrative driving home the need for us to stay the course with our isolation restriction, off the back of news that the public are becoming restless.

Today, we get Temperence - Major Arcana card 14. I paused these Crimson Moon reads when we got to the Wheel of Fortune as I strongly felt the need for what the Tarot had told us up till then needed time to ‘Sink in’. It’s my belief that we are being ground to halt as a species, as humans, in order for us to take stock of our lives, how we are living them. I believe it is an opportunity for us to spirituality advance, at least for those of us ready to do so. I believe our world is crying out for such a change, and many of us are realising it and heeding the call. The card Temperence refers to far more than will power, or being less impulsive or reckless in life. I’m going to use some words from one of my most revered Tarot texts to explain Temperence’s meaning and show why its draw today holds incredible, relevant meaning. ‘Having gone into the self, to understand the elements of the human personality, the person will emerge able to flow naturally with the outer world. ‘Once withdrawn from the world to find the inner self, the time will come to return to the normal activities of physical life’ ‘The Angel (on the card) stands with one foot on land, one foot in water. As the water represents the unconscious, so the land symbolises the “real world” of events and other people. The Temperate personality, acting from an inner sense of life, links the two realms’ Also:

‘The card means right action, doing the correct thing in whatever situation arises. Very often this means doing nothing. ‘The intemperate person always needs to be doing something, but very often a situation requires a person to simply wait.’

I’ll leave it there, there’s nothing I can add to those words to make them more pertinent and poignant.

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